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Xylofun GUI

The Xylofun is a children’s xylophone we’ve meticulously sampled. It might be a child’s toy, but we can all still have a lot of fun with it!
The Xylofun was our first concept for a sample library. Recording was easy, but the sample-making was not. Turns out that tuning isn’t that important in toys for children. Thankfully, we’ve tuned it properly, sampled with 8 round robin and 8 velocity layers, created some hybrid variants and glued it all together with custom scripting, so now it won’t make you cringe when you hit an off-note.

Perfect for those childlike soundscapes where the music box is too imposing, or simply to add that extra twinkle in the timbre, the Xylofun will easily find its spot in your next big piece.

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