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Piano Impacts GUI

We had a piano. We had things to hit it with. Put two and two together and you get this lovely little library.

Piano Impacts is here, with 4 round robin, 4 velocity layers, 36 different types of hits (along with pedal samples) and custom scripting, including a custom-made arpeggiator, which will have a whole myriad of options to make things interesting.

The arpeggiator works as you might guess how an arp would work: you hold down the notes and it'll run through them for you in whatever pattern you've chosen, using the options available. What sets ours apart is a number of rhythmic options that help create much more interesting patterns, such as the ability to choose between static (new notes are played separate to the arp) or dynamic (new notes are added to the arp) and adaptive (pattern halts when a note of 0 velocity is in the sequencer) or non-adaptive (pattern continues, regardless of gaps in the sequencer).

We know you’ll find this custom-scripting to be an inspiring asset to your collection. Combine it with the high quality samples and you’ve got yourself an awesome library.

We also have a free version of the instrument you can download below to try before you buy. This free instrument has one velocity layer and comes without the custom arpeggiator.

Download the free LIGHT version

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